About Us

Soledo is a company based in the Alentejo village of Mértola. The company produces artesanal presunto and cured meats.


Soledo uses meat of the black pig fed with acorns, owing to the high levels of quality offered by this type of meat. Since its founding, the company uses secular methods and today it combines them with technologies capable of reaching higher levels of perfection and quality. The Soledo presunto and the cured meats have a soft and sweet flavor with low levels of salt. The cure time used does not go past ten days, which brings out the flavor. The fluidity of the fatness and the shine of the non-fatness gives it a unique look, in the elegance of the paw with the black nails of a pure Alentejo black pig.


Soledo was founded in Mértola, by Mr. António Tomé, producer of Alentejo black pigs, since the beginning of the last century. Over the years, they have accumulated, wisdom and experience in the production of exquisite quality products. Years pass and its now the younger generations, having absorbed the knowledge of the elders, that proceed with the Soledo project.


The pigs used by Soledo are still the same as before, they are raised on the Alentejo fields completely free. Through years of experience the producers now know which are the best breeds to originate the most outstanding presunto and the best cured meats. These products are cured in Mértola using the best of what the climate has to offer, cold and humid nights in the winter and the dry and sunny days in the beginning of spring, followed by a drying process in the beginning of the summer when the presuntos are taken to the their drying place where they stay for two to three years originating a unique flavor characteristic of the Soledo products.


Today Soledo is an ideal followed by a small number of investors and producers of Black pig fed with acorns, that put together all their efforts to create exceptional products. Managed by a young team composed by the engineer Miss Olga Fialho, responsible for all the manufacturing process and Dr. Alfredo Rodrigues, responsible for the development of the manufacturing processes and the continuous research to best produce our products.